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By Laws

Constitution of Trinity Episcopal Church

Highland Park, Illinois
as a Parish of the Protestant Episcopal Church

Article I

In Union with Diocesan and National Church.  This Parish shall be, and remain in union with the Diocese of Chicago of that Branch of the Holy Catholic Church known as the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America and with the General Convention of said Church and the Convention of said Diocese of Chicago.

Further, this Parish accedes to the Constitutions of said Diocese of Chicago and of said Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America.

Article II

Ecclesiastical Authority.  This Parish shall always recognize the Canonical power and the jurisdiction of the Ecclesiastical Authority of said Diocese of Chicago, whether Bishop, Bishop Coadjutor, Suffragan Bishop, or Standing Committee, as is provided for in and by the Canons of said Diocese of Chicago.

Article III

Conventions.  This Parish is entitled to and shall send lay delegates to all Conventions, Annual and Special, of said Diocese of Chicago.  They shall be in numbers authorized by the Constitution of said Diocese of Chicago.  They shall be chosen either by the Vestry or at a Parish Meeting from among Communicants of the Parish entitled to vote for its Wardens and Vestry at an Annual Parish Meeting.

Article IV

Election of Officers.  The election of all officers of this Parish, whether Wardens or Vestry, at a Parish meeting shall be by ballot unless the same be unanimously dispensed with by the Parishioners entitled to vote assembled at said meeting.

Article V

Alterations and Amendments.  This Constitution may be altered or amended in the following manner:  All propositions to alter or amend must be introduced in writing and shall be duly considered and approved at an Annual Meeting of said Parish, but shall be referred to the next Annual Meeting of this Parish for final consideration and action, and if then approved and adopted by majority vote the same shall become law and this Constitution shall be held as so appointed and amended.

Article VI

Appeal.  Any and all prior By-Laws of this Parish are hereby annulled and repealed.

Code of ByLaws of

Trinity Episcopal Church of Highland Park, Illinois

Article I

Definition of Titles

Wherever used in these ByLaws, the following terms and titles shall be defined and referred to as being as follows:

National Church:  That branch of the Holy Catholic Church known as the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America.

Diocese:  The Diocese of Chicago having its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, and affiliated with and being in union with said National Church.

Parish:  The Church incorporated as and officially known as “The Rector, Wardens and Vestry members of Trinity Episcopal Church of Highland Park, Illinois”, and more commonly known as Trinity Episcopal Church, and being in union with said Diocese.

Rector:  The Priest who is canonically settled in said Parish.

Curate:  The Priest or Deacon called to assist said Rector either permanently or for a specified time.

Vicar:  Priest or Deacon whose settlement in the Parish is subject as to tenure and other conditions to the discretion of the Ecclesiastical Authority.

Ecclesiastical Authority:  The Bishop of said Diocese of Chicago or if there be no Bishop, the Bishop CoAdjutor, and if there is no Bishop Coadjutor, then the Suffragan Bishop senior in time of consecration or if there is no Suffragan Bishop, then the Standing Committee of said Diocese.

Parishioners Qualified to Vote:  All baptized persons of the age of 16 years and upwards who regularly attend the public services of the Church in said Parish, and are recognized as members of the Parish by the Rector and at least one of the Wardens, and whose names appear upon the books of the Parish Treasurer as having contributed by pledge or subscription or otherwise to the funds to meet the expenses or other obligations of the Parish during the twelve months immediately previous to any meeting of the Parish, provided that any such pledge shall have been incurred prior to said twelve months and who also declare their willingness to conform to the Doctrine, Discipline and Worship of the Church.

Congregation:  All Communicants or Parishioners as herein above described and defined in common meeting for all statutory or other legal purposes.

Vestry:  The Rector, the duly appointed Wardens and the duly elected Vestry members who shall be Communicants of the Church in good standing, be Parishioners who are qualified to vote as prescribed herein above and be of the age of 18 years and upwards.

Youth Member:  Youth Member shall mean a person who regularly attends the public services of the Church in said Parish, who shall attain the age of sixteen during such person’s term, be a Communicant of the Church in good standing and declare his/her willingness to conform to the Doctrine, Discipline and Worship of the Church, provided that the Youth Member need not otherwise be qualified to vote at any meeting of the Parish.

Article II


This Parish and all its congregation, Communicants and Parishioners from time to time declares itself to be in conformity with the Doctrines, Discipline and Worship of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America and to be forever under the Ecclesiastical Authority of the Bishop of Chicago and the Bishop’s Successors in Office and in conformity also with the constitution and Canons of the Diocese of Chicago and does recognize and bind itself and themselves as part of the Constitution of this Parish and does further stipulate and promise corporate obedience and conformity.

Article III

The Authority of the Rector

Section 1. The control of the worship and spiritual jurisdiction of the Parish are vested in the Rector subject to the Rubrics of the Book of Common Prayer, the Canons of the Church and the Godly Counsel of the Bishop.  All other Clergy of the Parish are subject to the Authority of the Rector.

Section 2. The Rector shall be entitled to the use and control of the Church and Parish Buildings with the appurtenances and furniture thereof, and shall also have full control and direction over all Guilds, Societies and Associations within the Parish.

Section 3. The Rector shall have direction and control of the Sunday and other schools and shall instruct the children properly in the Church.  The Rector shall order the books and systems of instruction and for the library in accordance with the authority and teaching of the Church and shall remind parents and sponsors of their duty to their children and godchildren and the Rector shall seek for systematic instruction preparatory to Confirmation all children of proper age and others who have not been confirmed so that on the visitation of the Bishop those duly prepared may be presented for Confirmation.

In addition, the Rector shall give systematic instruction to the congregation and the people in the Doctrines of the Faith as held by the Church and also in regard to the Missionary and other work of the Church at home and abroad.

Section 4. No Clergy shall officiate in any way in Trinity Episcopal Church or in this parish unless such Clergy shall have received permission from the Rector, or in the event there is no Rector, from the Church Wardens or a majority of the Vestry Members.

Article IV

Vacancy in Rectorate

It shall be the duty of the Wardens of this Parish to give written notice to the Ecclesiastical Authority as soon as a vacancy has occurred in its Rectorship and to seek advice and assistance in a settlement of a successor and to submit suitable information as to the state and requirements of the Parish.

Article V

Differences between the Rector and the Vestry or Parish

Any differences arising between the Rector of this Parish and its Vestry shall be submitted and settled strictly in accordance with the Canons of said Diocese.

Article VI


Section 1. There shall be two Wardens in the Parish who shall be Communicants in good standing and who may be distinguished as Senior and Junior, although all duties belong equally to both, and both shall be held responsible for the performance of such duties.

Section 2. The Wardens shall have care that the Church Building is kept from all unauthorized uses and shall be kept in good repair, clean, and that the premises of the Church be maintained in proper order.

Section 3. It is the duty of the Wardens to preserve order and decorum in and around the Church and its edifice and to admonish persons guilty of unseeming conduct during the time of Divine Worship.

Section 4. The Wardens shall be responsible for the maintenance of Prayer Books, Bibles, Hymnals, Altar Adornment and the Elements for the celebration of Holy Communion and also for the procurement of proper vestments and vessels and alms’ basins.

Section 5. Whenever the Rector may be absent or unable to act, the Wardens in order of their seniority shall preside at all meetings of the Vestry and of the Parish.

Article VII

The Vestry

Section 1. The Vestry shall consist of the Rector and nine persons as herein before defined, in three classes of three persons each, elected subsequently each year, two of whom will be designated Wardens.  The Rector, or in his/her absence or if none a Warden, shall preside at all meetings.  

Section 2. The Vestry shall transact all the temporal business of the Parish; shall see that all things needful for the Public Services are provided; shall collect and disburse all monies due for Church purposes; shall pay with punctuality at intervals agreed upon the stipulated salaries of the Rector and others; shall inform themselves of all collections required by the Canons of the Diocese and of assessments which may be imposed by Diocesan Conventions and take measures for the due and proper liquidation of these obligations; and before the close of each fiscal year of the Diocese, shall collect insofar as possible, by subscriptions or otherwise, a sum sufficient to liquidate all the current expenses of the Parish.

Section 3. At or before the Annual Meeting, the Vestry shall cause to be written and delivered to the Rector or to the Wardens a statement of the temporal condition of the Parish, which statement shall be duly read at the Annual Parish Meeting before the balloting for Wardens and Vestry Members and then passed on to the new Vestry and recorded as part of the Parish records.  All such statements shall set forth what money, lands or other property has been received during the Vestry’s time of office and from what source, and what money has been expended and for what objects, and what property has been purchased, exchanged or mortgaged and for what purposes.

Section 4. Meetings of the Vestry may be called by order of the Rector, or in case of the Rector’s absence or inability to act, by the Wardens at any time that they may deem expedient; and the Rector or Wardens shall call and convene a meeting of the Vestry when requested in writing by a majority of the members of the Vestry, in which writing shall be stated the object or objects of such meeting.  No meeting of the Vestry shall be valid in which there shall not be present either the Rector or one Warden.

Article VIII

Terms of Office of Wardens and Vestry Members

Section 1. The term of office of each Warden to be elected by this Parish shall be one year or thereafter until their respective successors shall have been duly elected.

Section 2. The term of office of each Vestry member to be elected by the Parish shall be three years’ duration or until their respective successor or successors shall have thereafter been elected at the next Annual Meeting.  

Section 3. Whenever a Vestry Member shall have been absent from three regular meetings of the Vestry, in chronological order and without having given reasonable excuses for having done so, the Rector, or in the Rector’s absence, either one of the Wardens, shall have and is hereby granted the power and authority to declare a vacancy as for any such Vestry Member provided written notice of intention to declare a vacancy shall have been given to the Vestry Member and without justifiable explanation having been received from any such Vestry Member; and if a vacancy is thus created, it shall be filled in accordance with these By-laws in such cases made and provided for.

Article IX

Officers of the Vestry

Section 1. The Congregation shall elect annually a Clerk of the Vestry. The Vestry shall elect annually a Parish Treasurer. These officers may continue to serve in such positions until their respective successors in office shall have been chosen.

Section 2. The Clerk of the Vestry shall have the duty of attending all of its meetings; to take Minutes of their proceedings, and when approved, to record and attest the same in the Minute Book of the Parish; to preserve the Parish records; to certify and attest the public acts of the Vestry; and to perform such other duties as may be assigned.  At the end of the Clerk’s term of office, the Clerk shall deliver into the hands of the successor all the books and papers relative to the affairs of the Parish which may be in the predecessor Clerk’s custody.

Section 3. The Parish Treasurer shall have the duty of receiving all monies belonging or accrued to the Parish and to disburse such funds as authorized by the Vestry.

Section 4. The Parish Treasurer shall bring to the Vestry before the Annual Parish Meeting a full and accurate statement accompanied with vouchers of all monies received and paid since the last previous annual statement.  The Parish Treasurer shall attend meetings of the Vestry whenever requested to do so and shall be guided by its advise in all matters pertaining to the duties of the Parish Treasurer’s office and stand ready to answer all questions as to the state of the Parish Treasury.  The Parish Treasurer’s books and papers shall always be subject to and made available for inspection by the Rector, Wardens or the Vestry in session.

Section 5. Each Parish Treasurer shall be bonded by the Parish while serving in office and throughout the duration of his/her duties in such office.

Article X

Limitations on Parish Borrowing

Section 1. The Parish may borrow on an unsecured basis, provided that its aggregate unsecured indebtedness at the time of such borrowing shall not exceed 33-1/3% of the average of its annual income, exclusive of income allocated for purposes other than current expenditures, which average shall be based on its income for the past 3 fiscal years next preceding the date of any such proposed borrowing.

Section 2. For monies borrowed on a secured basis, the sum total of any such indebtedness shall not exceed 300% of the average annual income for the past 3 fiscal years preceding the date of such proposed borrowing and excluding from such annual income allocated to purposes other than current expenditures.

Section 3. When the parish wishes to borrow any money on a secured basis, except for the purposes of refinancing without increasing in principal amount the indebtedness of an existing loan, it must first procure the written consent of both the Ecclesiastical Authority and the Standing Committee of the Diocese before it shall have authority to increase such debt.

Section 4. The limitations on Parish borrowing herein above set forth shall be waived in whole or part whenever the Bishop and Trustees of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Chicago, a Corporation, by proper corporate action and with the advice and consent of the Standing Committee shall so order.

Article XI

Parish Meetings and Elections

Section 1. The Parish shall meet annually in the month of February of each calendar year as the Rector, Wardens and Vestry Members may previously by vote appoint.  Notice of the Annual Meeting of the Parish shall be given in the Morning Service on the two Sundays next preceding such Annual Meeting either by the Rector or, if there be no Rector, by one the Wardens.

Section 2. At each Annual Meeting of the Parish, all parishioners who are qualified and entitled to vote as herein before prescribed and defined shall elect by ballot and by plurality of votes the Vestry Members whose elections are called for under the following order: At each such Annual Meeting onethird of the total members of the vestry, according to the plan of rotation authorized by the Canons of the Diocese and hitherto established by this Parish, shall be elected for the terms of office as hereinbefore specified and in every year one Warden shall be elected to serve the term of such office as hereinbefore specified.

Section 3. Upon the expiration of the term of office of a Vestry Member, this Vestry Member shall not be eligible to again be elected or appointed a Vestry Member until the annual Parish Meeting next succeeding the annual Parish Meeting at which this Vestry Member’s term of office expired, except, if the term of office just expired was to fill a vacancy of less than two years duration, this Vestry Member may be elected for a full term of office as a Vestry Member at the annual Parish Meeting at which the vacancy term of office expired.  

Section 4. The term of office of a Warden appointed to fill a vacancy shall be the term for which the Warden whose place has been filled was originally elected.

Section 5. All vacancies in the Vestry may be filled by appointment by the Vestry with the consent of the Rector or of either Warden if there be no Rector, or may be filled by election at an Annual or Special Meeting of the Parish and all such appointments shall be for a term or terms to expire contemporaneously with the expiration of the term of office of the member who vacancy is so filled.

Section 6. At all meetings of the Parish, either Annual or Special, the Rector shall preside, or in case of the Rector’s absence, or in case of a vacancy, one of the Wardens shall preside, provided that if no Warden be present at any such meeting, a Parishioner chosen at the meeting shall preside as Chairperson.  The Chairperson shall appoint two or more Tellers to canvass and report the result of the ballots for election and such results should be declared by the Chairperson and recorded in the Minutes by the Secretary before the adjournment of the meeting.  Ballots cast at any such meeting shall not be counted, however, until at least one-half hour after the stated time for the holding of the meeting shall have elapsed.  After each Annual Meeting of the Parish, the then constituted Vestry shall be convened for organization and business as soon as practicable thereafter.

Section 7. Special Parish meetings may be called by the Rector at any time and shall be so called upon the written request either of a majority of the Vestry, or of not less than 20 Parishioners who are qualified and entitled to vote as hereinbefore prescribed, and if there be no Rector in office, any such Special Meeting may be called by the Wardens and shall be called by them whenever such a written request shall have been given to them.

Notice of any such Special Parish Meeting and the purposes thereof shall be given at the Sunday morning services next before such proposed meeting date and such notices shall be given by the Rector or if there be no Rector, by one of the Wardens.

Article XII

The Church Building

Section 1. The Church edifice or other place of worship belonging to the Parish may be open for all Services, Rites, Ceremonies, or other purposes authorized or approved by either the National Church or the Diocese and at such time or times as when the Rector or Clergy person in charge of the Parish, or in the absence of a Rector or Clergy in charge, the Wardens, may deem proper.

Section 2. No person may officiate in such Church or at such services, Rites or Ceremonies without having received authorization or having been duly licensed by the Episcopal Authority of the Diocese to minister in the Episcopal Church in the Diocese and no Clergy of the Church who may be under inhibition or judicial sentence in any Diocese of the National Church shall be permitted to officiate in this Parish Church and the foregoing prohibitions shall be binding both on the Rector, the Wardens and the Vestry Members of this Parish.

Section 3. Without the prior consent of the Ecclesiastical Authority acting with the advice and consent of the Standing Committee of the Diocese, no Church or Chapel of this parish shall be removed, raised or otherwise disposed of for any worldly or common usage, nor shall this Parish change the location of its Church or Chapel, nor erect or establish another within the same village, town or city without the giving of such prior consent.

Article XIII

Sale or Encumbrance of Parish Real Estate

No real estate owned by the Parish shall be sold or encumbered, except in the following manner:

First  The adoption of a resolution by the Vestry providing for the sale or encumbrance of specific real estate, together with provision, if desired, for the entering into a contract in relation thereto, but subject to the consent and direction provided for in items, “Second” and Third” hereof.

Second  The granting of written consent to the sale or encumbrance by the Ecclesiastical Authority, acting with the advice and consent of the Standing Committee, and

Third  Direction by twothirds of the Parishioners qualified to vote as prescribed hereinbefore to the Vestry to take or cause to be taken the necessary steps to effectuate the sale or encumbrance.  Such directions may be given by vote at any Annual or Special Meeting of the Parish, or may be given by written directions conveyed to the Clerk of the Parish and signed by the Parishioners qualified to vote.

Article XIV

Register and Reports

Section 1. A report of this Parish shall be prepared annually for the year ending December 31st preceding, upon the blank form adopted by the General Convention, and shall be sent not later than February 1st to the Ecclesiastical Authority.  The preparation and delivery of this report shall be the joint duty of the Rector and Vestry, and this report shall include the following information:  (1) the number of baptisms, confirmations, marriages, and burials during the year; the total number of baptized persons and communicants at the time of the report; (2) a summary of all receipts and expenditures, from whatever source derived, and for whatever purpose used; and (3) a statement of the property held by the parish, whether real or personal, with an appraisal of its value, together with a statement of the indebtedness of the parish, if any, and of the amount of insurance carried.

Section 2. In the Parish Register shall be entered the name and date of birth of children baptized, with the names of the sponsors and the parents; the names of adults baptized and the witnesses; the names, ages and residence of persons married, and the names of at least two witnesses of the marriage, and the place where the marriage was solemnized, which record shall be signed, if practicable, by the persons married and by at least two witnesses of the marriage; the names of persons buried, and the place of interment and also the date on which each rite was performed.  A register shall also contain a list of the Communicants, with their addresses, which shall include all within the Parish, as nearly as can be ascertained, with incidents of removal, death or discipline, and change of name by marriage; also a list of the families and individuals, as far as practicable; and also an accurate list of the persons confirmed from time to time by the Bishop.  The Registers shall be kept by the Clergy, and shall be preserved as part of the records of the Church.  They shall be available for inspection and use of the Wardens and Vestry Members whenever so desired in connection with any of their duties.  The Register listing the communicants and other members of the Parish may be a card index.

Section 3. Communicants shall cease to be enumerated in the Register only when they have died, have been excommunicated, been transferred to some other Clergy person’s care by commendatory letter, or had their names removed from the Register as provided by canon; provided, however, that if any Communicant has removed without such letter, such Communicant’s name may be omitted from the whole number reported to the Ecclesiastical Authority after the expiration of two years.

Section 4. If this Parish shall be without Clergy, the Register provided for hereunder shall be kept and the report made by the Wardens of the Parish.

Section 5. At every visitation it shall be the duty of the Rector and of the Wardens, Vestry Members, or of some other officer, to exhibit to the Bishop the Parish Register and to give information to the Bishop of the state of the congregation, spiritual and temporal, under such heads as shall have been previously signified to them, in writing, by the Bishop.

Article XV

The Convention of the Diocese

Section 1. Lay delegates and alternate lay delegates from this Parish to each and every Convention of the Diocese shall be chosen by the Vestry or the Parish at a duly convened meeting and their appointment shall be duly certified in writing by the Rector, or in the Rector’s absence by one of the Wardens, and also by the Clerk of the Vestry.  The certificates of appointment shall be in the form prescribed by the Canons of the Diocese.

Section 2. Any vacancy in the representation of this parish shall be filled from its alternate delegates.

Section 3. All acts of the Convention of the Diocese are binding upon this Parish, and if the Parish shall neglect to appoint delegates to any Convention, or if those appointed are prevented from attending, or if the Parish shall incur any suspension or forfeiture of privileges owing to neglect of canonical assessments or otherwise, the Parish shall nevertheless be bound by all the acts of the Conventions the same as if it had been fully represented.

Article XVI

The Deanery

Section 1. This Parish shall be part of the Deanery established by and defined by the Ecclesiastical Authority and the Annual Convention of the Diocese.

Section 2. This Parish may send to the Chapter of the Deanery with which it is so affiliated three lay delegates who shall attend the Deanery Chapter meetings and shall endeavor to promote the work and purposes of such Chapter within the Diocese and shall be eligible for nomination to the Diocesan Council.

Article XVII

Election of Appointment of Clergy

Section 1. The Rector of this Parish shall be elected in the following manner:

First  One or more Priests shall be nominated for the office of the Rector by the Vestry, and such nominations shall then be submitted to the Ecclesiastical Authority.

Second  The Ecclesiastical Authority shall advise the Vestry in writing as to whether such nominee or nominees are believed to be qualified Priests of the Church.

Third  A priest so approved by the Ecclesiastical Authority may be elected Rector by the votes of a majority of the Vestry at a meeting duly called for the purpose.

Section 2. The call of the Rector-elect shall be in writing, and must express distinctly any special conditions, together with the stipulation of salary and support, which stipulation, when the Rector is settled, shall be a binding and legally enforceable contract to pay such salary and furnish such support; provided that the salary may be increased or diminished, and support altered with the mutual consent of the Rector and Vestry.  Notice of every such change in salary or support shall be given to the Ecclesiastical Authority by the Clerk of the Vestry.

Section 3. On the election of a Rector there shall be immediately signed and delivered to the Ecclesiastical Authority a certificate of election in the following form:

“We the Church Wardens, do certify to A.B. (Naming the Ecclesiastical Authority) that C.D. (Naming the person) has been duly chosen Rector of Trinity Episcopal Parish on the following conditions (here shall follow a full copy of the call).”

Section 4. A Priest shall be recognized as Rector of a Parish when the Ecclesiastical Authority shall have sent notice of the election and of the Priest’s acceptance of the election to the Secretary of the Convention and shall have certified to the Vestry that such person is canonically resident in this Diocese.

The Bishop, or some other appointed institutor, may institute the Rector into the Parish, using the Office of Institution in the Book of Common Prayer.

Section 5. A Priest-in-charge or Deacon-in-charge of a Parish shall be appointed by Ecclesiastical Authority by written instrument setting forth the items of such person’s salary, support, and tenure.

Section 6. A Curate shall be chosen in the following manner:  The Rector shall nominate to the Vestry for its approval such person as the Rector deems qualified after first securing the written approval of the Ecclesiastical Authority for the selection of such candidate.  When the nominee has been approved, a certificate in the following form shall be delivered to the Ecclesiastical Authority:

“We, the Rector and Church Wardens, do certify to A.B. (Name the Ecclesiastical Authority) that C.D. (Naming the person) has been duly chosen Curate of Trinity Episcopal Parish subject to Ordination (if such person be not ordained) on the following conditions (Here shall follow a full copy of the Call, which shall be prepared by the Rector and approved by the Vestry; and which shall set forth, in addition to the customary items, such conditions of tenure as may be applicable and agreed upon).”

Article XVIII


Section 1. Alms and Contributions of the Holy Communion.  All alms and Contributions not otherwise specifically designated, at the administration of Holy Communion on one Sunday in each calendar month, and other offerings for the poor, shall be deposited with the Rector of this Parish, or which such Church Officers as shall be appointed by the Rector, and shall be applied by the Rector or such Officers under the Rector’s superintendence for such pious and charitable uses as shall be thought fit by the Rector; and if there be a vacancy in the Rectorship, then the Vestry shall appoint a responsible person to act and serve for such purposes and such persons shall be known as the Almoner.

Section 2. Vacancy in the Rectorate.  Whenever this Parish shall be without a Rector and the Wardens shall have given notice to such effect to the Ecclesiastical Authority, the Parish shall become the Spiritual Cure of the Ecclesiastical Authority who may appoint some qualified Clergy person to serve such Parish at such times as the Ecclesiastical Authority may deem convenient and proper, but it shall be the duty of the Parish to defray all of the expenses incident to any such services.

Section 3. Episcopal Visitations.  It shall be the duty of the Vestry to arrange for and facilitate visitations by the Bishop or one of the Bishops of the Diocese and to cooperate fully with any such Bishop in the manner set forth in Canon 29 of the Diocese.

Section 4. Parochial Boundaries.  The geographical bounds of this parish shall be those hereunder established by custom and practice, but subject to the ruling of the Ecclesiastical Authority whenever its limits may conflict with the limits of another Parish or Mission in union with the Convention of the Diocese.

Section 5. A Quorum.  At all duly called parish meetings seven Parishioners qualified to vote as prescribed hereinbefore shall constitute a quorum.

At all meetings of the Vestry a majority of the members, the whole having been duly called to meet and the Rector or one of the Wardens being amongst those present, shall be a quorum; and a majority of the quorum so convened shall be competent to act, unless the contrary is expressly required by the Constitution or By-Laws of the Parish or the Constitution or Canons of the Diocese.

The Presiding Officer at any such meeting shall not abate nor be excluded from such person’s full privilege as a member by reason of being in the Chair, but may exercise the same entirely as any other member, and may in addition give a casting vote in the case of a tie.

Section  6. Amendments.  These By-Laws may be amended upon written notice of such amendments being given at an Annual Meeting of the parish and adoption of such amendments by a majority of the Parishioners qualified to vote present at the Meeting.

These By Laws of Trinity Episcopal Church in Highland Park, Illinois were approved by vote of the Vestry at their regularly scheduled  meeting on January 19, 2016.

Certified by the Clerk of the Vestry: 

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These By Laws of Trinity Episcopal Church in Highland Park, Illinois were adopted by vote of the Congregation at the Annual Meeting of the Parish on February 7, 2016.

Certified by the Clerk of the Vestry: 

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