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Liturgical Ministries

The liturgy encourages wide participation among parishioners, and Trinity has a large roster of volunteers serving as lectors, ushers, lay Eucharistic Ministers, acolytes, choir members, or Altar Guild members.

Our ministries are many, and what we are doing, we do well. Nonetheless, we acknowledge an opportunity for our new rector to mobilize us to answer more effectively God's call to serve, both within the parish and in the broader community. Most parishioners, when asked,

indicate they wish to improve the ways in which we are called and trained for various ministries and leadership roles.

If you have an interest in serving, please let us know

Altar Guild

Our Altar Guild prepares the sanctuary for the celebration of Holy Eucharist on Sunday, weekday services, weddings and funerals. At this time, we have eleven dedicated members who prepare items used at the church and chapel altars.


Ushers greet people upon arrival, distribute the service bulletins and ensure newcomers and visitors feel welcome. They also manage the offertory and assure the flow of parishioners participating in Holy Communion. Our ushers strengthen the sense of community among all who gather to worship.


Youth serve as acolytes assisting the Rector and Deacons during the Eucharist. They light the candelabras and are invaluable assistants during the celebration of communion.

Lay Eucharistic Ministers

Lay Eucharistic Ministers at Trinity include volunteers who serve at the altar during Eucharistic services as Sub Deacon, Crucifer, and Chalice Bearers. We are blessed to have wonderful volunteers for this ministry.

Lay Eucharistic Vistors

Lay Eucharistic Vistors assist the clergy with the celebration of the Eucharist and take communion to ill and home-bound parishioners.

Lay Readers

Members of the Parish serve as Lay Readers sharing the scriptures from the Old Testament and New Testament that make up the Lessons for the Liturgy.



Alter Party