2023 Campaign:
Making All Things New

“I am about to do a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not see it?”Isaiah 43:19

Dear fellow travelers at Trinity,

Something new is happening at Trinity. Do you see it? I know I do.

I see it in our efforts toward a “gut rehab,” in the repair and renewal of Wolcott Hall, for example, and in the stage that is now being used by a local theater company. I see it in new uses for our church house, which this summer welcomed three men from Afghanistan and provided a safe haven in their search for a new home. Even more, and more importantly, I see it in new energy and new fellow travelers who see it, too. God is doing a new thing with us at Trinity. How would you like to contribute to that vision?

That “new thing” is already beginning to reveal itself: concerts to benefit our community of Highland Park and those affected by the war in Ukraine; an evolving partnership with our companion churches; an eagerness to welcome new users to our campus. And fueling this work is that new energy and commitment among Trinity’s members, so many of whom are actively making that developing vision a reality.

There is more yet to come: As I look forward, I see a church campus busy with fellow travelers in our community who both value and sustain it financially. I see a church not bound to a building and its costs but freed to use it in service to the community around us and beyond us. I see a sustainable congregation whose gifts fully support and grow its ministry and outreach to others.

That vision is, of course, still on the way, just as it was for those who first heard Isaiah’s words long ago. Though it is taking shape before us, that “new thing” needs our participation, our contributions, to bring it to fullness. I believe in that future, and I am not the only one: In the coming weeks you will hear from others who share that support, with their own invitation to give — and a challenge that will match new and increased gifts.

As you look toward that vision of a “new” Trinity, what do you see? I invite you to look toward that hope and consider these first steps we have taken as you make your gift to Trinity’s future. Together our gifts can help bring that vision of Trinity, that vision of our community, ever closer to reality.

Thank you for your generous support of Trinity’s ministry, both past and future. We will gather our pledges together on Sunday, December 11.

With eyes open,

Bryan Cones, priest-in-charge

Trinity Episcopal Church

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