I'm New

Visiting a new church can be confusing. It is our hope that the information provided on this page will help you feel more at home when visiting Trinity.

If you have other questions, or wish to request additional information, please call the Trinity Church Office at (847) 432-6653, or email our pastor, Bryan Cones.

Where is Trinity Episcopal in Highland Park?

Trinity is located just a block North and 1/2 block East of the Highland Park Metra stop, and just east and across the street from the Highland Park Library.

Where should I park?

You can park on Laurel Avenue in front of the church.

There is also a large public lot located directly behind Trinity Episcopal Church on the Central Avenue side. Most people park in the back, so don't be surprised if you don't see a lot of cars on Laurel!

What door do I go in?

If you enter off of Laurel, then you can come in the red doors which lead you right into the back of the church. The doors are heavy, so give a strong pull and they will open!

If you park in the public lot in the back, then you can enter the door which has a "Tri-Con" sign outside. Go up a few stairs, through Wolcott Hall (where we meet for fellowship after the service), go through left door/hallway and it will take you to the choir forming room.

Please ask someone if you have any questions. We are happy to show you the way!

Is there a handicapped accessible entrance?

There is a ramp off of Laurel Avenue that will take you into the church building. Go left after you enter and this will lead you into the a large room (called the "choir forming room") which goes right into the front side door to the church.

Where are the restrooms?

Restrooms are located through the choir forming room on your left. There are also restrooms on the lowest level of the church. Facing the back of the church, take the stairs to the left or right and there is a restroom just at the base of the stairs. Please accompany children who need to use the restroom.

How do I follow along with the service?

Most of the service is printed in the bulletin (handed out by greeters at both entrances of the church). Many folks seated around you will be regular attendees of the church and can help if you have questions. The red books in the pew are The Book of Common Prayer (BPC), the blue books are Hymnals.

Should I kneel or stand to pray?

Episcopalians both stand and kneel to pray and this can be confusing to some visitors. Do whatever feels right to you.

What is the passing of the peace?

This involves greeting each other by shaking hands or other greeting. Feel free to greet your loved ones as well as the parishioners sitting around you.

In our own words, Trinity hopes to offer:

“A warm welcome”

“Sermons that address everyday life”

“Family, community, ritual, and spirituality”

“A safe place to journey together and be honest about brokenness in the presence of love and grace”

“A source of renewal and exploration of faith”

“A place of healing, love, support, connection, transformation”