Office Wing

Executive and Ancillary Office Space

Trinity’s upstairs office wing is accessible from two staircases, one opening onto the public parking lot behind Trinity, the other from the east building entrance facing Laurel Avenue. The south end of the wing features an office suite, with one large office of 250 square feet with a separate bathroom and storage. The large office opens into a reception area and office space of about 200 square feet, with a smaller office for a copy machine and other office support.  A third independent office of about 120 square feet is adjacent to the office support room. Three further individual office-style rooms, each of about 100 square feet, follow along the east side of the hallway. These spaces are available for use as offices for not-for-profit organizations, practice rooms, or counseling spaces.

 If you are interested in hosting an event or using office space on a consistent basis at Trinity, please fill out this form or email A brochure that provides an overview of our campus can be found here. A schedule of suggested building use fees can be found here.