About Trinity

Trinity Episcopal Church dates back to 1874, when the Bishop of Illinois approved the organization of the parish. The first building was completed in 1877, only to be destroyed by fire in 1899. Just two years later, however, the core of the present building had risen in its place.

The Parish Hall was built in 1912. The bell tower, the entryway and enlarged worship space date to 1957 and complete the building as we see it today. An exceptional three-manual, 47 rank Aeolian-Skinner organ was also installed in the 1957 remodeling.

Over the years, Trinity Church established three churches in the area: St. Elisabeth's in Glencoe (1896), Church of the Holy Spirit in Lake Forest (1898), and St. Gregory's in Deerfield (1950).

Our parish community today is an interesting mix of people and includes families with young children, singles, empty-nesters, and an active older generation. Several families have been part of the church for generations, while others are new to Trinity. Many parishioners describe us as being traditional in feel, but socially liberal, affording ritual without judgment, and high church services without airs. We consider ourselves a flexible, open minded and supportive congregation, with a strong love and pride in the rich liturgy and music of the church. We respect varied beliefs and welcome newcomers to grow with us in worship and understanding.

In our own words, Trinity hopes to offer:

“A warm welcome”

“Sermons that address everyday life”

“Family, community, ritual, and spirituality”

“A safe place to journey together and be honest about brokenness in the presence of love and grace”

“A source of renewal and exploration of faith”

“A place of healing, love, support, connection, transformation”

Trinity members after the July 4 commemoration walk in 2023.