From the Pastor

Welcome, fellow travelers,

We at Trinity Episcopal Church look forward to meeting you, however you might join us. Whether you drop in online, attend a Sunday celebration in person, or join us in a service project or social event, we look forward to getting to know you better.

Trinity strives to make a place for anyone who wishes explore their connection to the divine and to one another. We seek those connections through the lens of Christian faith, though we also come with questions and seek other wisdom, too. We hope to be a place where the diversity of sexuality, gender, ethnicity and race, cultural heritage, and life experience can come together and share their many gifts. We may not always succeed--but we strive to keep on learning.

As we discover a new "normal" after COVID-19, Trinity is also pursuing what we are calling a "gut rehab," re-imagining what it means to be a church in our community and looking for ways to make a more meaningful contribution. We are looking forward to discovering where that might take us, and we would be delighted to have others come along.

Bryan Cones

Pastor, Trinity Episcopal Church